Building a career

Building the right career for you

Deciding which career is right for you can be an overwhelming process. Rather than focusing on identifying a direct path, first determine your own needs and goals, and then sync your findings with what the world has

1. What are you good at, and what do you love?

Make a checklist

Get an outside perspective through

•             interviews with friends

•             family members

•             mentors and former employers

2. Are you promotion- or prevention-focused?

Promotion-focused professionals are classic creatives and entrepreneurs. They work quickly, seize new opportunities and think abstractly. The downside is that they can be impulsive, overly optimistic and are likely to make bigger mistakes.

A promotion-oriented person will likely feel suffocated in a traditional 7.30am-to-4.30pm, and prefers a more creative environment with bigger risks and bigger rewards. Usually business owners.

Prevention-focused professionals are just the opposite, focused on maintaining the status quo and protecting all they’ve worked on. These professionals prefer planning, reliability, thoroughness and analytical thinking.

A prevention-focused person, for example, would do far better as a developer in a major corporation than launching her own startup.

3. What is the best environment for your personality type?

An introvert, for example, may be more attracted to a quieter research role, while an extrovert will thrive in a busy, loud sales office.

***** Public speaking, amount of teamwork required and frequent contact with clients are also factors to consider.

4. Where do you want to live?

Determining where you want to live can be an important part of the career search process. This is especially true for jobs that are focused in certain regions.

•             Do you want to be a farmer live out of the city?

•             A magazine editor live at the city? ……………………….