Roles and Functions

Roles and Functions of the  Botswana LMO

1.    Collect all information on labour market information

  1. All data, reports, information on planned activities, government policies, (major) private and public investments, legal information, international practices, etc.; 
  2. The  LMO will use data collected by others and only in exceptional cases execute their own surveys on a limited scale; 
  3. The labour market issues cover demand and supply of labour and mismatches between the two, what determines the demand and supply of labour and what can be done to mitigate the mismatches; labour conditions like safety, work related accidents and illnesses, labour disputes, hours of work, wages, in‐company and external training, residents and non‐residents participating in the labour force, etc.; 
  4. Information on vacancies and jobseekers. 

2.    Analyse the information 

  1. Assess the quality of the information and make recommendations for improvement when applicable; 
  2. Determine which information is missing, show how missing information can be approximated, recommend on additional questions in existing surveys or administrations, assist in obtaining additional funding if required, etc.; 
  3. Conduct or subcontract analytical studies; 
  4. Harmonise data. 

3.    Construct and populate a Labour Market Information System 
4.    Forecast the labour demand and supply and mismatches between the two. 
5.    Disseminate the information on the labour market through: 

  1. Labour market bulletins and reports 
  2. Website 
  3. Seminars and workshops 

6.    Prepare labour market plans recommending measures to reduce the mismatches