Social Welfare Statistics

The Botswana Multi-Topic Household Survey (BHMTS) estimated the national poverty rate at 16.3% in 2015/16 (source: Botswana Multi-Topic Household Survey, 2015/16)
Old age pensions allowance of P530 (source:, 2021))
World war veterans allowance of P600 (source:, 2021)
Destitute persons allowance of P300 (source: Social Safety nets Stats brief, 2021)
The disability cash transfer of P400 (source: Public Service Management Directive, 2017)


National Poverty Rates

Source: Botswana Multi-Topic Survey 2015/16

The figure shows a 3% decrease in the national poverty incidence from 19.3% in 2009/10 to 16.3% in 2015/16. There was an observable downward trend between 2002/03 and 2015/16 showing a decrease in the national poverty rate over the years. Even though this shows an improvement in the poverty eradication efforts, 16.3% national poverty rate is still high for a country that has been experiencing an impressive economic growth.